Mostar - the place where the East meets the West

The ride goes along the coast to Neum, through the picturesque delta of the Neretva River and the citrus plantations up to Mostar.

During the period of Turkish domination, Mostar developed on the banks of the Neretva River and became an important trading center.

An extraordinary multi-cultural city, the place where the East meets the West. On this site you can see still visible traces of various cultural influences that have emerged over the past centuries.

The main point of our tour is located around the old bridge, which in 2005 was on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We explore the famous old bridge, visiting the bazaar of traditional crafts, the Turkish house and a mosque.

On our return, we explore the medieval fortress town of Pocitelj, (nominated for a UNESCO World Heritage Site) which is a mixture of elements of Mediterranean and oriental architecture. ("Sahat-kula fortress, mosque, hamam).

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