A remarkable diversity of wine growing traditions

In Istria

wine is both a passion and a necessity,

part of the culture of life.

A variety of soil, red soil

in the coastal area and white soil in the interior,

adds another dimension to the wine-making


The most famous and widespread wine

is Istrian Malvasia, with a refined aroma and fresh

taste that best accompanies seafood dishes.

The red wines Teran and Refošk are old and indigenous

Istrian wines. Their deep ruby colour,

lively fruity scent and pronounced aroma are

perfect with meat dishes.

Many connoisseurs

of Istrian wines single out Muscat owing to its

golden colour, scent of wild pink cloves and exquisite

aroma. Both dry and sweet, this wine is

perfect to accompany desserts.

Set off and discover the wine roads of Istria,

and their many wine cellars, where an unforgettable

experience awaits you. And on your

way back through the vineyards, intoxicated by

the wine and beauty of nature, don’t forget to

thank Dionysius for favouring the magical Istrian


Typical white varietals

• Malvazija

• Muškat

Typical red varietals

• Teran

• Merlot

• Cabernet sauvignon

The most prominent wine-growing hills

• the hills of Western Istria (Buje, Umag and Poreč)

• the hills of Central Istria (Pazin and Motovun