Slavonia and Danube area

Continental Croatia

is divided into 3 major regions:

Danube Region


Hilly Croatia (Central &Northwestern Croatia)

Eastern Croatian regions are aposite not only for the cultivation of Burgundy wines, especially the

Pinot varietals, such as Pinot crni and Chardonnay but also for the cultivation of the most prominent

varietal of continental Croatia – Graševina. Although Graševina is to be found in almost every

continental sub-region, its cultivation has shown marked results in the Danube region and Slavonia.

Traminac, Frankovka as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Burgundy area show the best

results on the eastern areas of the Danube region. Eastern Croatia is specific in cultivating larger

vineyard areas, unlike other Croatian regions, in which individual vineyard plots are rather small with

an average surface of one hectare.

Slavonia &  Danube

Danube region

Typical wh ite varietals

• Graševina COMMON SYNONYM Welschriesling

• Traminac COMMON SYNONYM Gewürtztraminer

Typical red varietals

• Frankovka COMMON SYNONYM Blaufrankische

• Cabernet sauvignon

• Merlot

The most prominent wine-growing hills

• the hill of Srijem

• the hill of Erdut

• the hill of Baranja


Typical wh ite varietals

• Graševina COMMON SYNONYM Welschriesling

• Chardonnay

• Pinot Gris

• Sauvignon blanc

• Rajnski Rizling COMMON SYNONYM Riesling

• Silvanac zeleni COMMON SYNONYM Sylvaner

Typical red varietals

• Pinot crni COMMON SYNONYM Pinot Noir

• Frankovka COMMON SYNONYM Blaufrankische

• Merlot

• Cabernet Sauvignon

The most prominent wine-growing hills

• the hill of Daruvar

• the hill of ?akovo

• the hill of Feri?anci

• the hill of Kutjevo

• the hill of Orahovica

• the hill of Slavonski Brod

Hilly Croatia  (Central &Northwestern Croatia)

Typical white varietals

• Kraljevina

• Silvanac zeleni COMMON SYNONYM Sylvaner

• Pinot bijeli COMMON SYNONYM Pinot Blanc

. Rajnski rizling COMMON SYNONYM Riesling

• Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay

• Škrlet

• Sauvignon blanc

• Muškat žuti COMMON SYNONYM Muscat a Petit Grain

Typical red varietals

• Portugizac (pronounced: por-tu-gi-zatz) COMMON SYNONYM Portugieser

• Pinot crni (pronounced: pi-no tzr-ni) COMMON SYNONYM Pinot Noir

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General Fact File on Croatian Viticulture

Three major vine varietals cover 7% of total vineyard surface area

  • Riesling
  • Malvasia
  • Plavac mali
Registered Wine producers:
  • 17,000
Vineyard surface area in total:
  • 33,000 hectares
Wineries produc ing wines of controlled origin:
  • 800
Wines of controlled origin:
  • 2500
Total produc tion of wine of controlled origin:
  • 61 million litres

Regional sh are of vineyard hectares: Continental Region 49% - Coastal Region 51%

Regional sh are of the number of wine producers: Continental Region 32% - Coastal Region 68%

Total num ber of cultivated vine varietals: 200

The total num ber of ind igenous vine varietals: 60



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